Monday, May 30, 2011

West Java Syndicate at Margo Fiday Jazz

West Java Syndicate played at Margo Friday Jazz with other KlabJazz Bandung's musicians and groups on May 27, 2011. Read the full report--in Bahasa Indonesia--at

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

West Java Syndicate's first gig

As reported by
West Java Syndicate. This group presented their case nice enough to proove that jazz can actually be a great host for any other kinds of genre or music discipline, whether it’s modern or traditional. They gave a very stunning performance. All elements did their job well. Yopi did a very cool psychedelic sound with his keyboard, capturing the prog rock scene the way we loved it in the early 70′s. They brought series of energetic vintage sound, added with Zinner’s captivating kendang play. Dede was on fire, stood in front with his bass, while Zahar went wild with his drums as well as guiding the rhythm. It was intense! They played  “E Minor Shuffle”, “The Forgettable”, “Birdland”, and “Gending Rame Ku Kendang”.
This group delivered such a world rarely visited. They could blend the prog rock/jazz with psychedelic vintage nuance blended with some Sundanese ethnic. Provocative and rebelious might be the way to describe their ground breaking music. Not only presenting it wild, but it was clear that they had fun playing it on stage. Marvelous.

Note : Song "The Forgetteble' later change title to " Feels Like Seven" as you can see on this following setlist

West Java Syndicate at Potluck West Java Syndicate
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